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  • Utah Business Owner!

    I'm new to this whole CNG thing and sick of paying the Arabs to build another solid gold summer home for themselves. I have a business that requires me to drive all around the Salt Lake valley in my Dodge Caravan. I just filled up today and STOPPED the pump at $55. Two years ago I was paying about $30 to fill it full. I'm now having to charge my clients a fuel surcharge (which I know they don't really like) just to help cover the cost of the refined "black gold" I'm pumping into my van.

    I need to know where in Utah I can go to get my van converted over to CNG and how much (approximately) it is going to cost me. I would absolutely LOVE to pay for gas at the price it was when I was in high school.

    I know I will learn A LOT from this site. I hope to get all the help I need from those who enjoy the benefits of CNG!

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    Re: Utah Business Owner!

    Welcome to CNGChat!

    In my opinion it would be cheaper to find a van already converted to CNG or Bifuel, Here is a link with more information about conversions.


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      Re: Utah Business Owner!

      You can also look on, go to the auto section of the classifieds. Then, search by fuel type. There's usually several CNG vehicles posted there, but they don't stay for too long!


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        Newbe with questions

        Hi! I am a newbe with the natural gas vehicles.

        Does bifuel effect the mpg (compared with dedicated)? I am looking to tow things, so would the bifuel be the better choice?

        Are the repairs expensive?

        Do you get the same mpg as a unleaded vehicle?

        How many miles do the regular natural gas tanks go before you have to refill?

        Towing wouldn't be a problem correct?




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          Re: Utah Business Owner!

          Bi-fuel means that it will run on CNG or Gasoline, running on CNG you will have less power then running on gasoline, the MPG is the same as far as GGE of CNG to a gallon of gasoline as far as I am aware.

          Depends on the size of the tank.

          Towing wouldn't be a problem you just have less power using CNG

          Hope that helps


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            Re: Utah Business Owner!

            CNG has lower maintenance costs because natural gas burns cleaner than most other fuels, maintenance costs are often less. Engine parts such as spark plugs stay cleaner while operating on natural gas.