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Hello to everybody from OK..

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  • cnghal
    Re: Hello to everybody from OK..

    First off, welcome to the forum. You might want to dive in to a thread going on Refueling: Home and Commercial
    I have a customer with the same situation and am noticing a lot of people are in the same boat in OK, TX, OH, WV. Hope we can get your questions answered and online with CNG at home.

    Again, Welcome Aboard.

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  • toolmanoffroad
    started a topic Hello to everybody from OK..

    Hello to everybody from OK..

    Well this is my first post, and I plan to be reading up on as much as I can here. I have three natty gas wells, and already run my house and shop off of them. The next phase is to make a car or truck run off them as well. So far all I have heard is that "sorry we cant sell you a pump because you are not on city gas"... Well I can tell you that one way or another I will have it set up within the year.... Thanks for any help/info that you give or have shared in one of your posts...