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    Hi from SoCal!

    Found this site while doing some research on NGV conversion potentials. With the price of gas and all the political and environmental issues that are going on I have been looking at alternatives. I am currently working on veggy oil system on my '01 F350 tow rig. I don't plan on anything for my motorcycle commuter since it already gets great mileage. The next step is looking at something for the wife. She currently is driving a Grand Cherokee. We have talk that her next vehicle may be a hybrid, but I have been leaning towards something else. Since she doesn't drive much except to get the kid to school her range needs are less than 200 miles on a tank. I know a few places where I can get a nice older SUV for cheap. So I have been looking into what it would take to build an older SUV, probably pre-smog, and building it as a dedicated NGV from scratch.

    I have yet to find any really good information on conversion kits for anything other than newer cars, and only a few. So I thought I would register and look around to see what I can find here.

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    Re: It's thetonka

    If you are looking at a pre 74 talk to Bruce Ikelburg at Alt Fuels Specialties on Gothard in Huntington Beach. He has been in this business Longer than anyone I know.


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      Re: It's thetonka

      Thanks. Where can I find contact info for him? I tried Google.


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        Re: It's thetonka

        17092 Gothard St
        Huntington Beach, CA 92647
        (714) 842-3017‎