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    Hi group,

    A friend and I are attempting to build a dual-fuel honda Civic running on propane/gasoline. From doing some research I have found that aside from a different tank and regulator, once the system is tuned and working well we can upgrade to CNG and get "phill's".
    My background is simply a gearhead for many years, road racing and auto-x. My friend is a performance ECU tuner for Honda's, he can chip the stock ECU and tune many parameters for anything from a mileage tune for a stock engine to an engine swapped-turbocharged car.
    One thing his program is able to do is by imputing zero values into the fuel map, the injectors are in-operative, allowing the use of a carburetor(or propane mixer) while retaining the ignition control functions of the fuel injection systems distributor.
    The 2nd function of this system, is by using an upgraded chip, up to 3 programs can be burned into each chip, with a toggle to choose which program you wish. We have a little bit of testing to do, but it's possible that this would switch "on the fly" using a bank of about 3 toggles tied together.
    My goals are simply to find more information about natural gas, the cost of the "phil", and a good source for the CNG tank and regulators. This could be something we could offer as a conversion kit in the future. I'm also curious of members experiences with any governmental parties, such as black suburbans arriving at your house, other members dissapearing, cavity searches, IRS audits, etc?
    So far I have found Wa state to be a bunch of gustapo a-holes to deal with regarding any automotive business.