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Loving the Cost of CNG

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  • Loving the Cost of CNG

    I just bought a Ford F-150 and I love it. It does make a weird kind of sound on CNG but it runs fine and has the power in needs. It may be something in the regulator. When you are on the road moving you cannot hear it much. Hey its a truck and I love the price of gas.
    I saw in one of the forums that Ford is waking up the idea again. In Utah you could sell so many of these trucks to ranchers and farmers.
    I am somewhat concerned about inspection and emission checks for registering and need to learn about any tax incentives.
    It is good this forum is here for us new CNGers.

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    Re: Loving the Cost of CNG

    Welcome to CNGchat, Lolly!
    Congrats on your purchase.


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      Re: Loving the Cost of CNG

      Greetings, Lolly! Just curious, where did you pick up the truck from and how much was it? I'm looking for a CNG vehicle myself.
      1999 Ford Crown Victoria
      Dedicated CNG Interceptor