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Can anyone tell me how to reed the blinking lights on my 2011 impco bi-fuel system ?

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  • Can anyone tell me how to reed the blinking lights on my 2011 impco bi-fuel system ?

    2013 chevy 5.3 ex state truck with the impco add on system , truck started running poorly then i noticed a burning smell ended up with a burnt up fuel pump simulator and the truck wouldn't run at all replaced the simulator and truck will run on gas only . cng tank is 3/4 full but the indicator isn't reading correctly one green tank light blinking along with the top system light red and blinking ? Witch way to go from here ?? any help would be appreciated

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    I see you are in Oklahoma. The system was probably installed by Carter Chevrolet in Okarche. You may want to give them a call. Another installer was Tulsa Gas Technologies.

    IMPCO has been bought and sold a couple of times, but a call to their support team might also provide you with help:

    Let us know how you get along.


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      you might call jerry at nash fuel in ky they also on ebay as a impco dealer good prices for impco part and real smart on old impco vacuum systems have never tried him on electronic but cant hurt to give him a call 859 881 0509 good luck


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        The top light when it is red means the CNG system is off, and the vehicle is running on gasoline. The single green light indicates that there is fuel present in the CNG tank.
        Press the button in the center while the truck is running on gasoline and, if the system is working and the engine is properly warmed up, it should transition to CNG as indicated by the top light changing from red to 'yellow' (green and red) to solid green.
        I have the same sytem in my F150.


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          I have the original IMPCO manual. I can make copies or create jpegs on request.


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            I have a 2010 1500 impco bifuel (300000 miles)and i am looking for the fuel pump simulator location. It was a factory install and as a unit it has operated fairly flawlessly. I just bought a low mileage 2011 and I found an impco package on ebay that i picked up in the hopes i could convert the new truck over. Hope springs eternal! I am trying to use the old truck as a model to at least install the under hood components before i turn over to a certified installer. As i have no instructions it is a little slow going. I live in Oakland. I have traced the wires to the best I can but can't seem to locate it. The fuel gauge simulator was pretty easy. Anyone out there know where it is hidden? Thanks