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  • Propane back up

    Years ago I bought a Chevy Cavalier CNG/Gasoline vehicle at a California State auto auction. I used the car until the CNG tanks were outdated and eventually sold the car to a pizza delivery guy from Oklahoma, who flew out to pick it up. The dual fuel feature was very useful on long trips.

    Curious as to how difficult it would be to modify a Honda Civic CNG vehicle to also run on propane if required? I've modified several furnaces, etc. to run on natural gas instead of propane. Propane's available everywhere. It would be comforting to know I could carry a 20lb cylinder of propane onboard for occasions where no cng stations are around.

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    I have done it on a 1997 Dodge van, a 2000 crown vic and a 2005 Chevy 2500HD. A 20lb bottle will freeze up driving about 50 mph. On the Chevy truck I hooked up 4 propane tanks in parallel. The simple way to do this is run the CNG out and connect the propane via hose directly into the CNG fill port. Then when you get to your CNG filling station close the propane tank valves and run the engine until it stalls. The vapor pressure from the propane is high enough until the bottle gets too cold. Another way to do it is to turn the propane bottle upside down and get liquid propane into your CNG system then shut the propane bottle off. I get about 15 miles on the Crown vic doing it that way. I never tried a Honda!


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      Testing LPG as emergency fuel on a fuel injected CNG vehicle. I have herd a couple of stories about using LPG Vapor, properly isolated from the CNG system and