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  • HHO/water gas-with CNG

    HHO kit doesnot or cannot save fuel in any vehicle due to so many scientific statements, but can some body explain to me why my vehicle has increased km/kg fro 17 to 21 km/kg after installing HHo kit in my 1300 c.c car?

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    ok my friend I dont have your answer but I have had many things that wont work that cant be done .my favorite is running cng everyone tells me my mpg will go down in reference to gasoline. I have had some that did but some that went up my 2000 chevy truck with a v6 gets about 18 to 19 on gasoline but with a old red gas system that is a fogger type it will do 21 or 22 why I cant tell you . just remember those that say it wont work or it cant be done end up interrupted by those of us who are already doing it LOL ps I have seen 1or 2 hho systems that worked just everything comes together just right


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      Author Jules Verne. In "The Mysterious Island," Verne wrote:
      Yes, my friends, I believe that water will one day be employed as a fuel, that hydrogen and oxygen which constitute it, used singly or together, will furnish an inexhaustible source of heat and light, of an intensity of which coal is not capable.


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        As I understand it, it is the added oxygen component to the mix that may account for any performance benefits. Not the hydrogen.
        As when some try Nitrous Oxide in a diesel engine. It is the extra oxygen that gives a tiny boost. Which is why most use propane as a boost gas for diesel.
        So in my opinion, try a passive nitrogen rejection/oxygen generator instead. And see what the difference is in performance, without dragging water and equipment around as a storage medium for O2.
        Mind you, O2 from any source is changing the stoichiometry of the fuel/air burn to a higher temperature. Be careful not to burn up and engine.
        CNG has a high enough flash point, without some form of closed loop EGT monitor system, "spray and pray" systems can easily burn up an engine.
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          Thanks cnghal for your reply,Please try to explain the km gain reason in patrol/CNG using car.The car is using Patrol and CNG fuel. The Hho kit installed Car has been runnig since 2017, till date, did not get any damage but a hansome saving in CNG fuel cost.