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  • CNG issue

    I have a 2012 GMC SIERRA 1500 CNG conversion truck. The issue is that the CNG shuts off when stopped at a red light. It will not come back unless I disconnect the battery. Does anyone have and ideas what the problem could be?

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    Need more info. Is it a bi -fuel truck ? . Is it a conversion, or a factory gm fuel system ? Are you getting check engine lights and codes ? . Most of these were Impco systems sold as GM factory .
    installed. What state are you in. / You may possibly still have emission system warranty coverage if iy was a GM factory fuel system.


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      It’s a bi fuel truck, conversion package. I don’t get a check engine light, the CNG shuts off when idling at a stop light. It has never shut off while at road speed. If I disconnect the battery it will reset the CNG so it works once again.


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        unplug the fuel rail pressure sensor. The check engine light will come on but the CNG should still work. See if it makes a difference. .