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  • Cummins ISL G 320

    We have over 90 cummins ISL G320 CNG engines some our 2-4 years old he have had 16 major engine failures do to piston problems.We have had over 40 egr coolers go bad the old style square ones crack on the outside.We had had over 10 air compressors start pushing coolant out. We have had over 15 turbos wastegates lock up after removing the turbo I had to beat it with a hammer to free it up.Now we are starting to have a lot of oil rifle codes we remove the oil filter change the oil and the problem goes away some people say we need to use a better oil filter some say coolant is starting to mix with the oil has anyone ran into this problem please fell free to email me [email protected]

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    Welcome to CNGchat, Modiesel5.

    I see from your profile that your fleet is in the refuse / trash industry. I'm wondering if all of the engines are from the same truck OEM? What sort of models and model years do you have? We can connect you with other trash haulers to compare notes, but I think most everyone is using the 11.9 liter ISX-12G now.


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      Ive heard the larger isx12g engines went to a steel piston because of piston failure issues, does your 320 engines have the new steel pistons?

      Maybe cummings needs to do a retrofit/upgrade for you at no cost to help make things right


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        Yes they did fix everything they could but now we our out of warranty they did replace the pistons on all the engines that completely Failed but we are still having air compressor go turbos go bad the internal wastegate plunger locks up solid.The air compressor start to push coolant out,and now we are seeing a problem with the oil rifle


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          this is a late reply, but I will see if I can shed some light on your issues.
          99 percent of the turbo waste gate sezier is a result of egr cooler failure, your engines should of had 5 year emissions warranty, and the turbos should have been inspected for the presents of coolant during egr cooler replacement.
          The piston failure is caused by thermal fatigue, as as of the first of the year steel Piston kits are available for the ISL- G.
          We have not had any air compressor failures as your describing, but we do see high pressure cng regulator's fail and push cng in cooling system.
          We have a fleet of over 60 ISL gas engines,
          And we work close with our local cummins rep with our warranty issues.
          Hope this is some help to you.


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            One other note, we perform oil samples every 500 hours, this helps us caught internal coolant leaks.
            coolant in the cng oil turns it to sludge, this could be the cause of your oil rifle pressure issues.


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              Over 50 Ryder Freightliner M2 112 CNG daycabs were posted for auction on eBay in Sept 2019. 2012-2013. Miles from 20K to 350K. $19K - $75K. All out of Southern California (search 112 ISL-G). They include five Navistar (search 8600 ISL-G) and three Freightliner Cascadia (search 125 ISX12G) as well.



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                Over 70 Penske CNG Freightliner Cascadia 113 Cummins ISX12G daycabs have been posted for auction on eBay during 2018-2019. 2013-2016 year trucks. Miles from 40K to 537K. $63K - $137K. Trucks were in CA LA MD OH OK PA and TX.