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    Hi Everyone,
    My interest in CNG vehicles is caused by long commutes. My wife travels 74 miles each way to work. There is not a lot of work to pick from here. We have natural gas on our property (quite common in WV) and I have been wondering how I can use that to defray the $8700 we spent on fuel last year.
    I hope I figure it out.

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    Re: New from WV

    This is a no-brainer. 1a) Buy a CNG car, 1b) Buy a CNG pump, 2) Stop paying for gasoline.

    In your area I would probably buy a bi-fuel (gasoline and CNG) car like a Cavalier or a Contour. It will be easier to service, easier to get to service, and won't strand you if you run out of CNG.

    You will also need some industrial grade filtering and drying before putting wellhead gas into your pump or car.
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      Re: New from WV

      Hey Pete,

      freedml is exactly right.

      I'll be more specific.

      Call Jerry Welch in Flemington, WV at 304.739.4903 hm about purchasing and installing a Fuelmaker home compressor. He and I worked together on a similar installation just outside of Parkersburg.

      Go to the next GSA auction in Fredericksburg, VA June 13-14th and you can get some great buys on low mileage CNG gov't. surplus vehicles. See:

      You might call WVU's National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium in Morgantown, but I wouldn't count on them too much.

      Good luck,



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        Re: cost of home compressor?

        What is the cost of a home compressor? Can a person build one? Thanks Jim
        Jim Younkin


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          Re: cost of home compressor?

          Originally posted by younkin View Post
          What is the cost of a home compressor? Can a person build one? Thanks Jim
          That's the $4000 question. About 4k, before installation, whether for a new Phill or a used FMQ2-36. It compresses gas to 3600 psi, so I would say building one would be very difficult and expensive. Just try building a 150 psi air compressor yourself for less than it costs to buy one. Now multiply that by over 20 in the psi and add the flammability into the equation


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            Re: New from WV

            Wow! Thanks. That is some real information I can use. I will call him right away. Thanks Bill et al.


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              Re: New from WV

              I also live in WV. I have my own gas well. Make sure your gas is dry. You may have a dyer already installed. It's basically a small cylinder installed in your supply line that is filled with desicant. If not, I think you can find one on the net pretty easily. Get a filter also if you can find one. I don't have a filter, and I haven't had any issues with gas quality though. If you can get your gas tested for quality and moisture I would recommend it. I think there's a place in Bridgeport, WV that can do it. I recommend a factory car versus a conversion, because they can be automatically diagnosed at any authorized dealer. We have had CNG repairs performed on our cars at Harry Greene's Chevy in Clarksburg, but again, I think any dealer can troubleshoot them. I have two cavaliers. The cavaliers run on 3600 psi or 3000psi. The Ford contours (at least the older ones) are 3000 psi. These cars are bi-fuel, so they run on gas and CNG both. Compressors (refueling appliances) have to be purchased used and they cost $4000 to $6000.