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CNG in Missouri?

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  • CNG in Missouri?

    Thank you in advance for all the information I plan to pull out of you!

    It seems there is one place in my area to fill a CNG tank, and that is at Laclede gas, St. Louis. It is only 9 miles from where I work.

    I wrote my state senator today and asked if Missouri had any tax incentives for CNG, but it appears they have none.

    I was surprised to see the cost involved in going to CNG, I thought it would be around $4000, some say it is $8000? I hope that is with the Phill filling station! I think I would like the option to switch to gasoline in an emergency, so a converted car would be for me-especially in a state with one place to fill up.

    Thanks in advance. BTW my daily driver has 200k and is 13 years old. I am due for a new vehicle soon. Perhaps a GX?