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  • Virginia represent!

    New here. My screen name is a carry over from a popular VW forum, makes it easier to remember .

    So I have been semi-interested in CNG or LPG for a while, but with speculators talking about $8/gal gasoline, I think it is time to get more serious. My immediate interest is in learning as much as I can about the conversions, with my eye toward converting our full size '99 Suburban. Back in the Fall we already worked through a cost/benefit analysis and decided to keep the truck rather than trade it on something newer and more efficient. It just makes more sen$e, especially considering we have other smaller cars we can drive. Nothing like a big 'Burban for taking family trips and all-around utility.

    I checked the station locator and there are no CNG stations in my area that I can tell. Perhaps someone can chime in if they know of one. Hmm...good business opportunity!

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    Re: Virginia represent!

    Welcome to CNGchat RabbitsKin!
    Good luck with your decision on going the CNG route. We have some members with next to zero local station infrastructure who simply fill at home with one of the FuelMaker products (Phill or FM-Q2-36). We look forward to your input to the forums.