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  • Another Noob here..

    I'm a Vermonter exploring the possibility of using a CNG car like the GX. VT has only one fast fill CNG station and its owned by the City. I do not believe there is public access. So I would have to get my own pump and go that route. Also in VT at times they put an additive in the natural gas for freezing issues. Not sure I could drive during those times. I"m still researching that.

    Who knows....maybe I can make this work....

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    Re: Another Noob here..

    Welcome to CNGchat, Chris!
    I think you would be our first Green Mountain member I suppose you have checked out to review the stations in your area. Seems to be good availability once you get down to Mass., although the pricing is not very exciting (this is coming from someone in Utah ).

    We look forward to your comments.