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  • Newbie here...howdy!

    I'm here mainly to learn. Still use gas, drive 114 day M-F, and need a solution. I've been looking at veggie diesel and CNG as my preferred alternatives. Georgia is still in the dark ages as far as alternatives, so local support appears minimal. Good news is we do have state tax incentives and can ride Atlanta's HOV lane alone with a state-issued AFV license tag.

    Problem w/veggie diesel is the availability of WVO. Collection is via individual, burning fuel to get fuel, plus filtering. I see hurdles with CNG, too, but mainly due to geography and Georgia being on low end of the curve. As for CNG, I need to learn more about longevity of tank life and tank inspections, along with vehicle repair and home fueling stations. Also need to learn how evaluating a used CNG vehicle differs from that of a conventional gas vehicle.

    About the only thing I can help some of you with is state tax incentives as I have access to tax research tools.

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    Re: Newbie here...howdy!

    I have a friend with a veggie diesel car. He had to get a CA state license to collect the stuff. Even when he can find it, restaurants are charging him $2/gal for him to pick it up! Then he has to filter it before he can use it. I love CNG!
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      Re: Newbie here...howdy!

      Ouch! $2/gal + time + fuel to gather + filtering...I can't see the gain.

      There's 1 station in all of GA, so home refueling has to be in my scheme. One good thing...for whatever reason a former homeowner ran the gas line about 3 feet beyond the house to almost the exact point where I'd drop an FMQ. If the FMQ can run off the hot tub service a few feet away, I'm almost there.

      Mainly need to make sure the vehicle I purchase can be serviced in GA. I can afford to bring the vehicle in from anywhere USA.