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  • New in Indiana

    Good morning. How does one jump into the world of cng with no real knowledge whatsoever?! I have a teenager who will be driving a 1988 Range Rover and want to convert it to cng but don't know where to begin. GB.

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    Re: New in Indiana

    Welcome to CNGchat!

    There are no conversion kits available for the Range Rover. And, since most conversions cost upwards of $10,000 you are better off either
    1. Buying a new Civic GX, or

    2. Converting a new vehicle on this list...

    3. Or finding a used natural gas vehicle out in the marketplace

    There is also some lack of public refueling infrastructure in Indiana too, although the prices are very attractive at the pump (uner $2 per gallon equivalent)

    Let us know how it goes!