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Hiya from Noob in SLC, UT

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  • Hiya from Noob in SLC, UT

    Thanks for this great NGV forum, how helpful its been! Did you happen to see the article very early on Yahoo Saturday about CNG vehicles in Utah and how cheap the CNG is? That's how I discovered CNG. I'd heard Gov Huntsman had converted his personal car over, but didn't know much more about CNG. My workhorse 1991 Geo (45 mpg) is surely about to breathe its last, and I've been researching high mpg vehicles (prob Honda Fit) and considered hybrids (little too $$$ for me), possibly diesels, then I saw the yahoo CNG article this morning. Have been reading extensively here and other googles about CNG and am pretty excited about this idea. Excited to read about all your info here, and what you are all experiencing.

    Not sure if I should go with total dedicated CNG, or bi-fuel. My work auto needs are heavy in town, and involve much travel, in residential, hour long visits, often traveling an hour or more north and south, from downtown SLC.

    The only other thing I need to think of is visiting Rexburg, Idaho (maps don't look good for Idaho CNG stations) and my vacations are at the Oregon Coast (again, not too promising for CNG along the way).

    Seems I may need a bi-fuel vehicle, or just plan on taking a shuttle to Rexburg and fly to my coast vacations.

    What are your experiences? Have you had a hard time switching over? Run out of gas lately? As a single woman, I love my AAA, so I hope it works ok with this. Has the switch been worth it taking into account the station issues (mainly travel)? Anyone have any experience with the 2008 Chev Impala (350 mi range with 3 tank config.)? Dare I buy a used fleet vehicle? kinda nervous. What do you think about a used Cavalier or Contour for a woman with NO experience in fixing cars. I AM good at keeping a car running well with good maintenance.

    Any suggestions, experience (bad and good), ideas for used/new cars (bi or dedicated) are very welcome. Thanks again to all of you for all your valuable information here and (in advance) any advice you may offer.


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    Re: Hiya from Noob in SLC, UT

    From what you're saying i think a bi-fuel would be your best bet. In Utah you don't need to worry about finding a filling station, they're all over. But if your going to be traveling out of Utah and don't have a glovebox guide then a bi-fuel is the way to go. So if you get somewhere and can't find a CNG station you don't have to worry.

    For cars, I would stay away from a Contor if you can. The Fords have a problem with the Compuvalve going out. It's like the brains of the NG system. My wife has a bi-fuel cavalier and LOVES it! Hasn't had a single problem. There's no problem switching over so you don't need to worry about that.

    Now both our cars are ex-fleet vehicles and the only thing I found on mine(1996 Ford Ranger) is that they didn't change the oil as often as they should. But that's not a big deal. But like I said from what i've found ex-fleet vehicles aren't a bad option.

    But before you buy ANY car have a good repair shop give it a good thorough inspection. I know that Tunex will go over the car and tell you if something needs to be fixed.

    Hope this helps some!
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      Re: Hiya from Noob in SLC, UT

      A bi-fuel will get you through Idaho. An NGV-only will not. If you are considering buying a new Civic GX from Ken Garff, you'll need to put your deposit money down within the week. The cars they have for the July deliver are almost gone and are going fast. By the way, the Yahoo article you was was front page in the Deseret News this morning. Good Luck!
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