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  • Hello from Vegas!

    I have a Dodge Ram 5.9L quad cab and a Ford Escape and am looking at options to convert both of them to bi-fuel to operate on CNG most of the time unless we're on a trip somewhere and have to get regular gas. Most of my driving is in and around the Vegas valley and we have Southwest gas at home so could get the Phill to fill-em-up.
    So here I am - looking for options and conversion companies that can do it around Vegas. We'll see what turns up.
    I was so glad to find this resource!


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    Re: Hello from Vegas!

    Hello William and welcome to CNGchat!
    Vegas has a good public refueling infrastructure, and just over $2 / gallon equiv. you can't go wrong!

    You might want to check out the top two threads in the Conversions forum here to find EPA certified conversion kits and qualified installers. Otherwise you could just get a new Civic GX from one of the many LA area Honda dealers (especially our from our chatboard co-founder Curtis at Robertson's Palmdale Honda). We also have a good list of leads to find used vehicles here

    Good luck!


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      Re: Speak out Your Love

      Originally posted by lozygo
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      Hello Moderators, someone needs to shut this guy down.

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