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  • Howdy from Indiana

    My name is Ron and I have a 200 acre farm. In the 1960's my grandfather drilled a natural gas well and today it still produces 180psi at the well head. I have to commute over 60 miles each day to work as a manufacturing engineer in a factory. Yes there is no money in farming with $4.50 diesel fuel.

    I have a Chevy 2002 S10 4cyl 5speed to try and get the best gas mileage as possible. Dumping $60 /week in it with the knowledge I have free gas at the farm inspired me to visit your site.

    I am retired military and served in Iraq last year so I have skills to make the conversion to my truck from a kit. I am looking into using:
    {reference to illegal product removed by moderators}

    I also plan to get the best compressor available and try to convert one of my farm tractors to CNG. I am looking into a gas fired generator that will sync with commercial power as a possibility.

    The state of Indiana has a few quirky laws about CNG.
    NGVs may not operate on a highway outside the corporate limits of a municipality from a half hour after sunset to a half hour before sunrise unless the vehicle carries at least three red electric lanterns or three portable red emergency reflectors. NGVs are prohibited from carrying a flare, fuse, or signal produced by flame. (Reference Indiana Code 9-19-5-6)

    Lets don’t forget the excise tax?

    Big dreams but if I can get this accomplished I figure the payback will be in 15 months. After that FREE….