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  • I love conversions...

    Hello to everybody over there!

    Just to introduce myself I would like to tell You about my nick. In 2004 I got an 1992 Golf "limousine" (which is called "Rabbit" in USA) from my father. Because it took a lot of premium while riding it I decided to lower the costs by implanting the equipment to use cng as well. The car was bivalent afterwards. And the costs were at about one third... I have the car still, but I have a second one, which is a "Golf" as well from a later series, it was built in 2006, but this one is a little bit longer, I guess You call it a "station wagon". I just bought it in last november with 15000km. Both have an automatic gearbox, the later one has an aircondition. Driven by the good experiences with the first Golf I let it be converted as well, so there are two Golfs here, both riding on CNG: CNGolf²!

    Perhaps I will show some pics of the conversions later in an other thread.

    Bye! CNGolf²
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    Re: I love conversions...

    willkommen to our group.


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      Re: I love conversions...

      That doesn't sound english... I feel at home....

      Bye! CNGolf²


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        Re: I love conversions...

        Welcome to CNGchat!
        Please post your photos in the gallery section of this web site.


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          Re: I love conversions...

          Welcome CNGolf²:

          Air conditioning is nice.
          Since you needed premium it also nice that CNG is around 120 octane.

          You said your costs were about 1/3.
          Please tell us what you pay for CNG.

          In Utah we pay 64 cents a gallon. In California it's about 2 dollars and 15 cents.
          In Oklahoma it's around 80 cents.

          Since you have a superscript 2 (²) in your user name I was wondering ...
          I've been trying to figure out how to get a subscript 4 for my user name.
          Please put a subscript 4 in the next thread or reply. Then I can copy'n paste your subscript 4 in my user name.



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            Re: I love conversions...

            I'm afraid I can't really help You with that subscript "4" ... I might sell a superscript ³, Pssstt... but I fear, You won't buy it... Pssssstt.. What about a "¼"? Psssttt....

            There we have a global problem: You pay some cents for one gallon... We pay some other cents for one kilogramm of gas, and we have to keep in mind, that gas-qualities in Germany vary: There is L-Gas (low-caloric) with 80...87 Vol.% of methane and there is H-gas (high-caloric) with 87...98.5Vol% methan. This corresponds to 1.2 or 1.5 litres of carburant or 1.1...1.3 litres of gasoil/diesel. And we get the bill with €/kg, because the amount of energy, which you buy at that special spot, is always the same, no matter, which temperature you have, the weight will be the same, but either the volume or the pressure changes, if you change the temperature. And we have temperatures from about -20°C in winter up to 40°C and even more in summer... (What the hxxx is °C? Have a look: )

            1 US-Gallone = 3,785411784 Liter; 1 US-mile = 1,609344 km

            Next problem: The US-$ for us in Europe is as low as never before, the prices for oil "brent" is as high as never before, and both of it fakes the statistics.

            The prices we pay in Germany vary from 0,613€/kg (it is L-gas) up to 1,09€/kg (it is H-gas). But there are some people who want to change the system to €/kWh: in this case it would be no difference whether L or H: One would pay for a special amount of energy, not a special mass of gas, which has unknown consistence and quality.

            With an 4-cyl-Car of 2.0Litres You might ride 100km (about 62mls, I guess) spending about 6 or 7€ on CNG, 100mls=10€, or vice versa: 15US-$/100mls

            My Golf from 1992 took about 13...15 Litre/100km of fuel. The average is about 8kg/100km now. Costs of premium: 1,40€/L; costs of CNG: here in town: 0,859€/Kg; Costs: now: 6,90€/100km Costs using premium: 18,20€/100km. That is why I am very glad to have a choice.

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