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  • Conservative and conservative!

    Just to introduce myself. I am a green minded conservative who love to save money too. I attend George Wythe College (A liberal arts college) and I enjoy a wide range of subjects. I do not currently own a CNG car, as I am trying to figure out if it is worth it to by one or convert my Honda Civic. If you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them. I love good ideas and hope this one will continue and eventual replace gasoline. I also have been researching compressed air cars cause those look cool to. Well, thats about it. Later,

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    Re: Conservative and conservative!

    Welcome to the forum B, always great to have people use our site to do their research, it's one of the reasons we created it.

    Living in Utah, you are the envy of many a ngv owner throughout the country. With your $.63 cng at every station in the state, I suspect you could save quite a bit of money towards your education. Utah has been leading the way in helping the individual find clean, natural gas vehicles a highly attractive alternative to gasoline.

    For the most part, cng is the most immediate solution to our dependence on foreign oil. There is no "new technology" that has to be developed, as with batteries, hydrogen and air cars. The cars have been around since 1913, and they are basically just a regular car with a different, clean and easily adapted fuel system.

    The only sserious problem existing at the moment is that with the rise in gasoline prices and Utah's hunger for the vehicles... there just isn't enough to go around. Don't get me wrong, they are out there, but we could use a bunch more, as well as increased offerings from the various manufacturers.

    At the moment, Honda is the only OEM offering a vehicle and any conversions being done are highly limited and usually restricted to fleet deals. There will be some new models offered in the future, and you will find reference to them in this forum.

    CNG vehicles are a great choice for anyone living in Utah, and a tempting reason for the rest of us to move there.


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      Re: Conservative and conservative!

      Actually, the real problem (in Utah) involves several businesses who wait until the last second on EBAY to snipe individuals' bids on every offering; they then jack up the prices several thou on the ngas cars sitting on their lots... Legal, but unethical imho.

      The distributors have caught on now- they have increased the buy it now price about $2000 over prices from a year ago. Now we have to pay for a minimum of three overhead run-ups now. Boycott them!!!