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Please welcome our moderators

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  • Please welcome our moderators

    Hi all,

    Whew! We are up to 1,100 members discussing over 700 topics... my head is starting to swim...

    Curtis, John (Timon), and Loran (moore101) and I have asked for a little help from the following members for some volunteer assistance in moderating the forums. Please join us in giving them your welcome and support!
    • Lakewood90712 (John)
    • CNG MOTORS (Murphy)
    • Highmarker (Jared)
    They will mostly assist in keeping threads in the right forum location, keeping discussions on topic, and most importantly ensuring the Rules and Privacy Policies are enforced.

    Our volunteer moderators read as much as they can on CNGchat, but they can't get to every post so your help is appreciated in keeping CNGchat a polite community. If you see a post that does not comply with the rules, report the post by clicking on the report post icon, which looks like this and is at the upper right corner of all posts. Your message will be sent to forum moderators who will review the post.

    Thanks again!

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    Re: Please welcome our moderators

    Well welcome aboard!


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      Re: Please welcome our moderators

      Thanks for stepping up guys.
      2000 CNG Camry
      VRA Wannabe


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        Re: Please welcome our moderators

        Here's an overdue thanks to all of you guys for conceiving, creating and maintaining this great site. Goes to show the power of an idea and a (domain) name. And the membership is just exploding!


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          Re: Please welcome our moderators

          We're soaring right on past 4600 members now. The site is growing by leaps and bounds.