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Great NYT article about expanded natural gas infrastructure.

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  • Great NYT article about expanded natural gas infrastructure. . Best recent article I have seen. Don't know why the link isn't live.

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    Re: Great NYT article about expanded natural gas infrastructure.

    I think it was just missing a w.

    Natural Gas Signals a ‘Manufacturing Renaissance’

    Mr. Ustian estimates that, because of quick paybacks with a $1.50 a gallon equivalent price advantage, natural gas could capture 10 percent to 20 percent of the new tractor-trailer vehicle market within a year.

    Chrysler, Ford and General Motors have all recently introduced “bifuel” pickup trucks that can run on both natural gas and gasoline. To ensure that such trucks have a place to fill up, Navistar has joined with a natural gas provider, Clean Energy Fuels, and Pilot-Flying J Travel Centers to locate stations 250 miles apart along Interstates. By the end of the year, Clean Energy hopes to have 75 stations open in 33 states.

    Andrew Littlefair, president and chief executive of Clean Energy, said that the aim was to make natural gas refueling available on the major trucking corridors. “You don’t need 23,000 truck stops with natural gas,” he said. “You need hundreds in the right places and you can move a lot of fuel. These stations will be where the trucks go now, and the economics look very good.”

    In March, Chesapeake Energy, a major natural gas producer, and General Electric said they would collaborate on developing natural gas infrastructure for vehicles, including construction of more than 250 C.N.G. stations beginning this fall.


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      Re: Great NYT article about expanded natural gas infrastructure.

      I just wish they could make refueling stations closer to where I live. The closest one to me is 17 miles away. I average 90-100 miles on 4.5 gge tank. I'm burning 30 percent of my fuel for a fillup during the week. The only way I save is when I travel up to NJ to visit relatives and I stop every 100 miles or so to fill up.

      I'm suprized that a major metro like DC doesn't have more CNG refueling spots. Maybe the lobbyists aren't doing their jobs in pushing the industry.

      Anyone have luck in requesting personal access to refueling stations for city busses and other fleet refueling stations?