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Additional CNG storage in trunk - - - small cng bottle ??

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  • Additional CNG storage in trunk - - - small cng bottle ??

    Ran across couple listings for small cng tank from Sailboat. See at:

    What if "standardized" size of one of these small bottles could be the emergency fuel supply that is pre-plumbed in trunk of cng vehicles? Bracket hanger connection points would already be installed, along with venting setup to exterior. Authorized locations like dealers, conversion shops, propane shops, etc. would be only places to get them installed (ie brackets, plumbing, venting & cover). Would have manual valve that would be open on first fillup, then closed and be available for emergency use if ran out of cng. Thus, use of this extra 1 or 1.5 gge would be up to the driver.

    Would be fitting use for spare tire location (ie floor metal properly engineered), especially since lots of new car makers are just providing a can of leakseal and portable pump in lieu of an actual spare.

    These 3,000 psi or 3,600 psi? Where are these sailboats getting these cng bottle refilled anyway? Thoughts from CA folks?
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    Re: Additional CNG storage in trunk - - - small cng bottle ??

    I have thought about this too.

    If I recall correctly, they are intended for about 2500 psi, but I may be off on this.

    I used to see someone at the riverside ca city yard station filling up 20 or so at a time, stacked loose in the back of a pickup truck. Most any station owner/operator would ban such a person from using the station to fill lower pressure bottles.

    Most stations have a sign warning that the station is for permenently mounted motor fuel tanks only.


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      Re: Additional CNG storage in trunk - - - small cng bottle ??

      I may be wrong but are not forklifts using CNG. It would be way cheaper then propane.
      Why not CNG for a power plant for on board use or a small engine for sailboats.
      If their pumps are down and they only used when mounted?
      Maritime law, rules & use may be different.


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        Re: Additional CNG storage in trunk - - - small cng bottle ??

        I think you are right with 2500psi.
        Also as far as I know there is no DOT sign on those bottles and they used to get filled by exchange system on the dock.
        see and use the 'Fuel Location' link


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          Re: Additional CNG storage in trunk - - - small cng bottle ??

          Did some more digging, and found the "SafeGas" moniker and fact that tanks typically are less than 2,500 psi and one website I looked at had 2,250 psi listed for a sailboat cng tank.

          Thus, guess these sailboat tanks are yet some other standard, not appropriate for backup storage in cars.

          Points to overall need to Standardize ALL THINGS cng around the world at 3,600 psi and all tanks meet most stringent standard . . . ie I'm guessing that is DOT (Dept of Transportation, which is USA specific).


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            Re: Additional CNG storage in trunk - - - small cng bottle ??

            Those small tanks are maybe .1 or .2 GGE. Won't do you much good. I have a similar size tank in my Fuelmaker Test Kit and have used it for an emergency 'jump' to get me home when I was only a few miles away.

            As for 3600, it's always nice to have extra fuel on board. But, you pay a big price (literally) going from 3000 to 3600 because standard fittings and tubing and most tanks are rated for 3000 psi service. So, when you have a 3600 system manufacturers end up using premium parts which are rated at 5000 or custom designed for 3600 cng use.
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