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Open letter to Clean Energy

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  • Open letter to Clean Energy

    Dear Clean Energy,

    I am a Southern California NGV guy, with two Honda GX’s in my family. When I saw your Sand Canyon station prices drop to the prevailing $2.20 a gge, I was ready to congratulate you on harmonizing prices to a lower--but still premium--price.

    But alas, the checkerboard of different prices at Southern California Clean Energy stations remains.

    I don’t want to sound like an ungrateful cheapskate. You make my CNG cars a practical alternative. I understand you guys need to make a buck, and (as a former stockholder) I know that the company has never made any money. On a number of occasions, I’ve defended you in this forum.

    But why do you make it so hard? Most of your volume comes from working guys driving cabs and vans. They are trying to squeeze out every last penny in order to make it. And maybe I am a cheapskate, since I am willing to go to a slightly less convenient station to save 30 cents a gge.

    Look, we are all in this together. We all want this industry to succeed. But the key will be making the use of CNG easy, simple, and convenient. Don’t make me feel like I am being ripped off when I buy gas at one station for $2.50 when you sell it for $2.20 just down the road.

    For a variety of reasons, NGV owners drive with one eye on the road and one eye on the fuel gage. When we pull in for fuel, we should be doing the happy dance. We’re paying less, driving clean vehicles, we’re driving in the carpool lane, and we’re not sending money to the Taliban. Don’t make us feel like fools for stopping at the most convenient station.