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San Jose Measure V in November 2010

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  • San Jose Measure V in November 2010

    Please Vote NO on Measure V

    Dear Friends,

    The Mayor of the City of San Jose has put on the November ballot Measure V, which effectively takes away arbitration for Firefighters. Arbitration was voted in by the citizens over 30 years ago and is the only means of fair negotiations the Firefighters have. An outside arbitrator/mediator, who has no interest for either side, settles disputes base on fair and impartial decisions. Everything is based on fair market value and what other like departments are doing. Why would the city want to do away with it? The private sector has been using the outside mediator method to settle disagreements for decades. It provides a highly effective and unbiased way to settle disputes. Not having arbitration is equivalent to not having a judge for a criminal trial. The Firefighters need arbitration for a fair judgment.

    The San Jose Fire Department is already completely understaffed and underfunded. Of the 30 largest cities in the U.S., San Jose has the least amount of firefighters and is THE lowest in cost per firefighter. The city has already laid off 49 firefighters and closed 5 stations. The loss of fair arbitration will only add to that loss of service.

    Loss of arbitration will result in a change of Terms and Conditions of employment. This could result in; 1) reduction of funding for an already strapped thin department; 2) further reduction in staffing levels; 3) Firefighter safety may be compromised without provisions; 4) employee rights will not be disputable. This is only a short list of what could be affected by the loss of arbitration.

    Please vote NO on Measure V this November 2nd if you live in San Jose. If you do not normally vote, PLEASE do so this November for your firefighters. Please forward this to anyone you know in San Jose as well and ask them to vote. We need as many votes as possible to defeat this unfair and biased measure.

    Thank you.

    Just the Facts:
    • San Jose Population as of January, 2010: 1,023,000
    • Making San Jose the Nation’s 10th largest city with over 1 million residents
    • 25 largest cities average Fire Fighter staffing levels are over 1.6 firefighters per 1,000 residents
    • San Jose Fire Fighter staffing levels: 0.665 per 1,000 residents, roughly 60% lower
    • SJFD is the lowest cost per firefighter in Santa Clara County
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