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Anybody got a SuzukiDual Sport Bike?

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  • Anybody got a SuzukiDual Sport Bike?

    I was thinking about getting a Suzuki 650 Dual Sport bike. There having 1.99% financing until 2015 which would make the payment like $105 a month! 56 MPG. Anybody have one or previous years of Suzuki Dual Sports? What's your opinion of them?

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    Re: Anybody got a SuzukiDual Sport Bike?

    I don't have one but I am a BIKER first and car guy second so I'm pretty familiar. They're great! Sounds like you are more interested in having one mainly for asphalt commuting and for the MPG aspects of it. In that case just buy the cheapest Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, or Kawasaki you can get. They can all do that easily.

    I'm not sure about DS tire life but it is not even close to car tire life. Prolly around 5k on rear and 7k to 10k on front (for road tires, far less for off-road). Chain life is about 7k to 14k depending on how well you take care of it. Oil changes are important and should be done at 3k (no further...wet clutch). Valves adjusted every 8k. Throttle bodies synch'd once per single cyl DS case not synch'd, just check vaccuum!! Its all good...BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!