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Refueling 3000 psi system

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  • Refueling 3000 psi system

    I have a question. I have a 3000 psi vehicle. The 3000 psi filler was down at the pasadena station but I met a guy with a crown vic who had a device (adapter?) which allowed a 3000 psi car to fuel at a 3600 psi dispenser. Does anyone know where I could buy one. I went to IMPCO and fuel maker (now fuel solutions inc.) and could not find it.

    I also went to Nor Cal and could not fill up at their 3000 psi stations because the filler didn't lock. I tried over 10 stations.

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    Re: Refueling 3000 psi system


    Nobody makes one, because they are not supposed to be used. NFPA 52 resticts the use of adapters to fill up. A 3,000 psi rated tank must not be filled above 3,750 psi. A 3,600 psi rated tank must not be filled above 4,500 psi. Sometimes 3,600 psi fueling stations fill above 3,600 psi. If you fill a 3,000 psi rated tank at a 3,600 psi fueling station you risk going above the 3,750 psi mark. If you go above that mark, you have overpressurized the tank and put the structural integrity of the tank in jeopardy. Anytime a tank is believed to have been overpressurized, it must be removed from service and destroyed. 3,000 psi tanks are for 3,000 psi fueling stations ONLY - NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Bottom line - Don't use an adapter. You put yourself and those around you at serious risk.
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      Re: Refueling 3000 psi system

      In the old days you could get away with this. I knew a CE Senior VP that use to carry such a device. In those day's you never got a true 3600 psi fill. If you were to do this I would put an aqua environment regulator in the middle. The best practice is not to.


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        Re: Refueling 3000 psi system

        I think if you do this you will need a blowdown valve on the low side (car) as the regulater will not let it blow back and you will not be able to disconect or if you can you will lose the o ring just a guess as I dont use standerd filler excerpt when traveling