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Miata getting up to 70 mpg !!?

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  • Miata getting up to 70 mpg !!?

    Wow, saw this article that Mazda Miata has 2011 model planned that can get up to 70 mpg with Sky-G engine (smaller 1.3 ltr naturally aspirated). Also have 1.5 ltr that is expected to get 50 mpg!! Finally, have Sky-D engine which is diesel with twin turbos. Now, what they really ought to introduce is 12.5/1 compression CNG motor with a small turbo . . . . now that would be innovative!! Design a couple 4 gge tanks to fit down underneath in frame so you'd have over 400 miles range and bet those would "sell like hotcakes" in sunny California!! See beautiful convertible in link at: