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cng E-350 van on ebay

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  • cng E-350 van on ebay

    This van has a lot going for it amenity wise ... factory cruise, arm rests on the front seats, carpet interior. If the VIN is correct, then it is a dedicated 5.4L.

    However ...

    this is the second time this van was listed on ebay. The first time nearly all of the pictures were upside down. As to why they were upside down is anybody guess, but I do remember a shot of the rear of the van and it was missing the blue CNG placard so I was skeptical that it was actually CNG powered.

    Now, we see a tank in the passenger compartment and it looks like the bagging is messed up and no clear shots of any expiration dates.

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    Re: cng E-350 van on ebay

    The extra tank looks like a Dyna-Tech , not one I would want to have behind me.


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      Re: cng E-350 van on ebay

      Actually it is a type 2. Dynatek only makes type 3 and are usually black, the carbon fiber. My guess is that is a Press Steel (PST), they usuall had white on the steel liner and an unpanted fiber glass wrap (can't read the print on the tank) I would also guess that the tank is older than the factory tanks.

      Couldn't mess with the photo enough to get anything on the label

      Have a merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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