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  • About Google chrome

    Top 10 Google Chrome features to boost your productivity

    1. Ultimate browser speed
    2. Integrated search into address bar
    3. New tab opens with your favorite links and most visited pages
    4. Get most of your screen
    5. One-click bookmarks with categorizing
    6. Shortcuts to web apps
    7. Offline mode based on Google Gears
    8. Tabs management
    9. Independent processes for opened tabs
    10. Incognito mode sss

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    Re: About Google chrome

    Dealbreaker for me:

    No plug-ins.
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      Re: About Google chrome

      Chrome is a great browser and I would use it more often if it supported or had the same plug-ins as firefox. At minimum it would need something like Adblock Plus.


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        Re: About Google chrome

        I'm decently sure this is a spam bot, but not entirely, which is why I haven't banned it/her (feel free to chime in Abigail if you are not a spam bot) since so far it hasn't posted any links. However, the general nature of the posts without specific reference to anything related to the site makes me wonder.

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          Re: About Google chrome

          It seemed suspicious to me too, but I was thinking, why would google spam forums about Chrome?

          It makes sense for a spam bot to make a few innocent posts before it launches into full spamming mode though.



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            Re: About Google chrome

            I think we will give ourselves the benefit of the doubt on this possible smambot.