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  • Project 750?

    The community needs to start a 'Project 750' which is the number of CNG refueling stations needed to put a pump every 100 km (60 mi) of Interstate highways. This would make CNG a viable refueling option for most. Think using the existing travel center islands so no additional funding for land, access routes, would be needed.

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    Re: Project 750?

    Sounds like a worth while and practical project. Some of these CNG companies should jump at it --along with helping to reduce the red tape on the conversion requirements --- and in their best interests (read fatten wallet)



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      Re: Project 750?

      I think that puts the cart before the horse. In order for dispensers along interstate highways to be viable, there has to be a 'critial mass' of CNG vehicles to use them. More CNG cars need to be sold in regions which have enough existing pumps to support regional use. Also, making it 100 miles rather than 100km would greatly reduce the number of stations needed. We really one, but only one, between Palm Springs and Phoenix, for instance.
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