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What make is your non-NGV?

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  • What make is your non-NGV?

    If you own another vehicle that is not a NGV, then what make is it? You may explain why it is that particular make or why it is not a NGV.

    I'll start...

    My other vehicle is a 2008 Toyota Rav4. My wife wanted a vehicle that could seat at least 6 people (this requires 3 rows of seats). She didn't want a big vehicle like a Suburban or Excursion, in fact, a Tahoe was borderline for being too big. I looked at a lot of 2000 - 2001 CNG Tahoes and Suburban coming out of Arizona. I had two of them sold out from underneath me. My wife really likes the Rav4.
    Mountain Green, Utah
    2003 CNG Cavalier
    2003 CNG Silverado 2500HD

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    Re: What make is your non-NGV?

    I have a Chevy PU to carry the camper, pull 4 wheelers and snowmachines.

    The wife drives a Forester....need AWD.

    With no filling stations in Alaska except at my house, the GX is a great commuter car. You have to have 'other' to go anywhere.


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      Re: What make is your non-NGV?

      Only non-CNG i've got is my new Volkswagen... But it's a pretty good replacement. TDI Jetta Sportwagen... 40+ mpg highway... 29 mpg city... a lot more room and better driving than a civic.

      Still have my 2000 Bi-Fuel (Technocarb) Expedition that we use for towing the boat and is my around town car. (the wife hogs the jetta). Plus, the SUV is old enough for my wife to let me tinker with it (Got a pretty nice CarPC setup going right now).
      1997 Factory Crown Victoria w/ extended tanks ~~ Clunkerized!
      2000 Bi-Fuel Expedition --> ~~ Sold ~~ <--


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        Re: What make is your non-NGV?

        Toyota Highlander hybrid. Averages 28 MPG city/highway, plenty of storage, seats 5 and can tow our tent trailer


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          Re: What make is your non-NGV?

          We used the GX for the family car for a year but our 4th child got us into a Honda Odyssey. 7th Honda I've owned because I've never had a major repair that wasn't self-inflicted (Civics don't do well off road! )


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            Re: What make is your non-NGV?

            Totally impractical 1978 Corvette. Wasteful 355 hp ZZ4 engine with a 700R4 transmission that makes it a LOT of fun to drive; I can get 15+ mpg on the road, about 12 mpg around town with a lighter foot, but what's the fun in that?
            2008 GX (extended range, trunkless version)
            Polished Metal Metallic 2012 Civic Natural Gas
            Fuelmaker FMQ-2-36 (since 2001)
            Previously owned: 2000 GX (11 years), 1995 Bi-fuel Sonoma, 2000 Bifuel Tahoe, 2000 Bi-fuel F150


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              Re: What make is your non-NGV?

              My cng bi-fuel is my towing and work vehicle.

              My other fun car is a '95 Cobra Mustang, converted to twin turbos (dynoed 450 hp/500 ft/lbs torque at 4000 rpm) and updated suspension. It gets around 22 mpg city/33 freeway driven reasonably (has tall overdrive).

              Wife drives an Accord.
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                Re: What make is your non-NGV?

                99 Dodge grand caravan
                89 Yamaha Riva 200 (motor scooter)
                84 Volvo 240
                71 lotus Europa (project car)
                66 Cadillac S&S victoria 3 way hearse (you need something to carry your coffin in)


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                  Re: What make is your non-NGV?

                  I traded in a '91 4Runner, but I still have a 2001 Corvette. It's my trip car, and it averages 25 mpg. It's gotten as high as 32 mpg, which is what the Civic averages as a commute car.


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                    Re: What make is your non-NGV?

                    My car is the GX. Great commute car. My wife has a 2004 Ford Freestar mini-van. She needs the van to carry 4 kids she baby-sits. I use the van to pull my trailer.
                    Bruce D.
                    '05 Silver GX


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                      Re: What make is your non-NGV?

                      My non-NGV is a 2002 Toyota Rav4 EV. A lot cheaper to run then any of the CNG vehicles I have and has more "trunk" room then anything except my van. Not very good for long distance driving--you are done at 100 miles. It's like starting out on a road trip in a dedicated CNG with less then a 1/2 tank of fuel .


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                        Re: What make is your non-NGV?

                        Just clunkered a 1995 Astro van for a 2010 Camry for the wife. Still have a 2000 Camry. Also have a 1999 Nissan Altima. (It will go to college with a daughter next week.) One of my sons (still at home) drives a 2000 Corolla. I'm thinking of picking up a Cavalier because with 6 drivers in the family, we still have a hard time getting to all the places we need to be.
                        '12 Blue Mist Metallic Civic Natural Gas; '03 Galapagos Green Civic GX; '07 Alabaster White Civic GX


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                          Re: What make is your non-NGV?

                          Other than the 2000 Camry CNG I have

                          1982 DeLorean- Garage Queen/Weekend fun car.

                          2004 Nissan Titan- Normal gas vehicle for when the Camry can't make it due to range, which has not been very often. This is probably why it only has 29k on it. Also a tow vehicle for when I had a boat and 5th wheel trailer (both sold now).
                          2000 Toyota Camry CNG
                          FuelMaker Phill v1.0


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                            Re: What make is your non-NGV?

                            We have a Honda Pilot that mostly stays parked.

                            Navy 2008 Civic GX (wife's)
                            Silver 2012 Toyota Prius
                            Grey 2012 Civic Natural Gas (mine)


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                              Re: What make is your non-NGV?

                              2006 Chrysler Town & Country.

                              We purchased it off the lot with a discount code from a friend who works for Chrysler when they were offering true 0% financing. It's amazing how fast you can pay something off with no interest! I think we have 17 or 18 more months to go ...

                              Back in February, I had just convinced my wife to start driving the E350 (it's too big she would say) when it ejected a spark plug on her.


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