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micro-cogeneration/combined heat power

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  • micro-cogeneration/combined heat power

    Freewatt ( and Marathon Engines ( are each selling systems that produce electricity and capture heat with generators with natural gas engines.

    They each claim to have a very long duty cycle and be cost competitive.

    The Freewatt system is Honda engine based, with units in Japan.
    The Marathon Engine system is made in Michigan with units sold
    in Europe and generator units sold into telecom and railroads.

    They seems to be selling them mainly in the northeastern US.
    Does anyone have any experience with either?

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    Re: micro-cogeneration/combined heat power

    It is a cool concept, but I have not been able to find anywhere on the Freewatt site information about how much the fuel burn is. Am I just missing it somewhere??

    The difference between the gas/electricity cost of a highly efficient furnace versus the Freewatt system is something I would like calculate because it feels like a shell game.

    Freewatt is a nearly a misnomer for a product is anyway ...

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