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    The World Car Awards have grown in just six short years to become one of the world’s most prestigious, credible, and significant programs of its kind.
    59 international automotive journalists make up the jury from 25 different countries. Each juror ist appointed on basis of his/her expertise, experience, credibility, and influence. All hold significant stature within their regions and countries.
    World Green Car Award Winners:
    2009: Honda FCX Clarity
    2008: BMW 118d with Efficient Dynamics
    2007: Mercedes-Benz E320 Bluetec
    2006: Honda Civic Hybrid
    2005: Audi A6

    Some search results on the wcoty site:
    diesel -- about 17 results
    hydrogen -- 8 results
    fcx about -- 7 results
    cng -- 0 results
    natural gas -- 0 results
    ngv -- 0 results
    gx -- 0 results

    Sad to see how many journalists obviously decide to ignore CNG.

    -- Klaus