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Have you joined the Pickens Plan?

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  • Have you joined the Pickens Plan?

    How many of you have joined the Pickens Plan?
    How many of you have set up your push pickens site?
    How many of you have joined your congressional district group?
    When was the last time you emailed or called your legislators?
    Whatever you think of Boone, the pickens plan members are doing some amazing things pushing wind, solar and natural gas, and communicating with our leaders in Washington. You ought to take a look, you'll be surprised.
    If you are a member or when you join and get your page set up, please send me a friend request. There is a lot of networking going on, on the site.
    The email your leaders tool on the site works very well.
    Dave Clement

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    Re: Have you joined the Pickens Plan?

    I joined last summer, I am a district leader, Jim
    Jim Younkin


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      Re: Have you joined the Pickens Plan?

      I joined the site, to see what it was about, but don't support a lot of it. That's one of the convenient 'problems' with his system. Even those that sign up on his site opposing the plan, are included in his published counts of supporters... Also, there is no way to remove your count from the list either.
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        Re: Have you joined the Pickens Plan?

        I joined but I'm disappointed with a couple of things:

        At first he was pushing for all trucks and cars to be converted to CNG. Then he changed the emphasis to fleets of trucks because you get "more bang for the buck". Well, those fleets would be using private fueling CE pumps and wouldn't improve CNG availability for the individual CNG driver. No infrastructure improvement that I could see.

        I watched him talk about his wind-energy initiatives in a town-hall meeting and some lady was all excited and wondering how she could get involved by putting wind turbines on her own property. TBP told her that was not the scope of his program, he wants to build and control all the wind farms and distribution and reap all the benefits of the government subsidies.

        I believe that wind, solar, biofuels and existing natural gas resources must all be used to solve our energy crisis but the Pickens Plan strikes me as just what the name implies, a plan for Pickens to get wealthier on government subsidies created in the hysteria surrounding our energy crisis.
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          Re: Have you joined the Pickens Plan?

          While a lot of what you say is true, do you see anyone else getting us this kind of publicity?
          I think we can tag along and a lot of benefits of what he is doing will help us and the industry. We will recieve benefits on Boone's dime.
          More voices being heard from our industry and our cause will only help all of us. A great amount needs to be done for change, the more involved, the better it will work. If we help the Pickens Plan, we recieve the benefits of the run off from what he does.
          Dave Clement


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            Pickens virtual march on Washington-Tell congress to support Natural Gas Act

            Today Pickens has organized a virtual march on Washington to get the attention of congress and Obama. If you'd like to see more cng vehicle options and better infrastructure...

            Here's a way easy way to tell congress to support the Natural Gas Act.
            Do it now please!


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              Re: Have you joined the Pickens Plan?

              Sent several emails already (I have all my legislators in an email group, makes it easy), but I refuse to associate my name with Pickens and his Plan.

              I'm still totally convinced that he "IS" Lucifer/Demon of Pride, or maybe Mammon/Demon of Greed or at least an Incubus.

              Virtual March on Washington? Must be practice for his Virtual March on The Pearly Gates.
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                Re: Have you joined the Pickens Plan?

                Yeah, not a big Pickens fan either, but he's done more to bring cng out of the shadows than anyone else I can think of. I have to tip my hat to him for that.
                I don't mind using his form letter, mainly as a time saver, as long as it lets Washington hear us. I'm sure he sees it as a way to cash in, but we all win if it comes to pass.


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                  Re: Have you joined the Pickens Plan?

                  Yes, howling at the moon and waking people to logic gets attention and stirs passion.
                  I just wonder when the other shoe is going to drop and the Pied Piper Effect kicks in.

                  Remember, the yellow brick road was lined by lions and tigers and bears. And "Oh My!", Pickens and friends are no cowardly lions.
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