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Opec does anyone know these guys?

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  • Opec does anyone know these guys?

    I have heard that these countries are working together against us? Has anyone heard this also?
    Who are OPEC Member Countries?

    The OPEC Statute stipulates that: "any country with a substantial net export of crude petroleum, which has fundamentally similar interests to those of Member Countries, may become a Full Member of the Organization, if accepted by a majority of three-fourths of Full Members, including the concurring votes of all Founder Members".

    The Statute further distinguishes between three categories of membership: Founder Member, Full Member and Associate Member.

    Founder Members of the Organization are those countries which were represented at OPEC's first Conference, held in Baghdad, Iraq, in September 1960, and which signed the original agreement establishing OPEC.

    Full Members are the Founder Members, plus those countries whose applications for Membership have been accepted by the Conference.

    Associate Members are the countries which do not qualify for full membership, but which are nevertheless admitted under such special conditions as may be prescribed by the Conference.

    Country Joined OPEC Location
    Algeria 1969 Africa
    Angola 2007 Africa
    Ecuador(**) rejoined 2007 South America
    Indonesia 1962 Asia
    IR Iran* 1960 Middle East
    Iraq* 1960 Middle East
    Kuwait* 1960 Middle East
    SP Libyan AJ 1962 Africa
    Nigeria 1971 Africa
    Qatar 1961 Middle East
    Saudi Arabia* 1960 Middle East
    United Arab Emirates 1967 Middle East
    Venezuela* 1960 South America
    *founder Members
    ** Ecuador joined OPEC in 1973, suspended its membership from Dec. 1992-Oct. 2007
    Jim Younkin

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    Re: Opec does anyone know these guys?

    Jim, I've moved this to the lounge, as it has nothing to do with cng.


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      Re: Opec does anyone know these guys?

      Most of the public doesn't even know what opec is, and yes they are working against us. Using the money that we spend on gasoline to fund terror.
      Venezuela is buying up arms like crazy from Russia.

      Besides Ecuador, Indonisia may be the only friendly nation on the Opec list , but they do have muslim extremists.

      The Auto industry needs a bail out why don't they ask OPEC for the Money? They did make a lot of money on oil last year 700 Billion.


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        Re: Opec does anyone know these guys?

        Well, you can forget about a friend in OPEC. Indonisia recently dropped out of OPEC since they became an oil importer and no longer an exporter.
        OPEC is down to 12 members and not a one is happy about the current price of oil.

        But look on the brightside:
        A) All these seats of power are squeeling and crying like little girls and have to explain to their countries why they can't balance their budgets after bitting the hand that feeds them.
        B) Once the Venezuelan people see that all their money has been spent on weapons, terrorists and drug cartels and not on food, jobs or roads, and that OPEC will only allow them to sell so much oil even at a rock bottom price, they'll hang Chavez up by his testies .
        C) Germany may have to bailout Mercedes since they can't sell cars in the US (they are all parked and collecting dust) and the Arabs won't be placing orders for any gold plated models anytime soon. Maybe they should just ship them to a parking lot in Dubai and save the embarrassment. They could probably sell them as taxicabs there.
        Your Friendly Nazi Squirrel Administrator


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          Re: Opec does anyone know these guys?

          They should just ship the MBZ's to Iraq. They could sell them as taxicabs and I'm sure the economy is booming in Iraq since our tax dollars are rebuilding there country.


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            Re: Opec does anyone know these guys?

            They would more likely convert them to expensive IEDs.
            Maybe we should fill them up halfway with gasoline, load them into the back of a C-130 and drop them into the hill country of Pakistan.
            I wonder how the Taliban clerics would interpret Allah raining down Mercedes-Bombz.
            Plus it would be cheaper than buying cluster bombs.
            Hey wait.....I just solved all the Big 3's problems. Let the DOD bailout the automakers.
            I'm sure even a stripped down, base model Escalade or Hummer with half a tank of gas could take out a small village when dropped at terminal velocity.
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              Re: Opec does anyone know these guys?

              Escalade bombs....Fill up the tanks and add fertilizer..take out the engines and donate to the needy and add more fertilizer to the engine bay...Ka Boom... It would way cheaper for us tax payers and a tax write off by donating the engines lol.


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                Re: Opec does anyone know these guys?

                sorry wont work not epa aproved would have to go through aproval and the war will be over by the time it is aproved


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                  Escalade Ordinance Program (EOP)

                  Hate to tell you, but DOD trumps EPA everytime. I'll bet we could get some DARPA grants and USAF cooperation to do some proof of concept testing of HALO deployment of the EOP.
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                    Re: Opec does anyone know these guys?

                    yep you are right cowbow