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  • LA AUTO SHOW review

    First I have the thank CNGCARS Mario wish you could have been there with me. My friend and I had a blast. I took the day off work to go so The Free Beer compliments of BMW and Infinity made it a real enjoyable day. Thanks

    Sorry this is long rant but you will get a feel for the auto show.

    I went all over the auto show and sat every car imaginable, all the Ferrari's including the new Ferrari California, all the Lamborghini's Rolls Royce/Bentley MBZ BMW and a lot of concept cars, but Toyota would not let anyone under the hood of the CNG Camry nor allow anyone to sit in the car. They did have the trunk open to view the tanks, but that was it. Disappointing!!!

    The Toyota spokes models were nice, but did not have much more than basic product knowledge.

    The Rolls Royce spokes model girls. Now they were extremely intelligent, and knowledgeable about the RR cars... Intelligent and Hot. The Phantom is a super nice car if you can afford to have some one drive you around. Real nice starlight headliner in the car. Yes it twinkled. And you can fully recline and sleep. Really nice!!!!

    FYI Since I'm on the subject the Lamborghini girls were Very very hot, but also they were very trophy plastic Barbie Dollie with fake tans. Didn't really talk with them much, or was it them. Hmmm

    The Ferrari girls were super nice, super friendly and super hot, but didn't know anything about the cars. So tell me about the car, " Hmm It's Red", with a laugh, but they were really fun, funny and friendly. Down to earth And also Hot.

    I'll post some pics.

    Ok So which cars did I like, I'm 6ft tall so small cars don't work so well with me, but I do love driving my wife's Miata and It's very small.

    When looking at the super cars. The one that seemed the most comfortable to sit in were the Ferrari's and the Audi R8, If I wasn't so tall some of the other cars would have probably fit well, but for a guy like me,The New Ferrari California is a really nice hard top convertable.

    My favorite is the Ferrari spyder. It has that clasic Magnum PI look and sitting in it felt real good snug and comfortable.

    The only thin I didn't like was moving my big foot from the gas to the brake on the Ferrari's, they are very close and my shoe kept getting caught on the brake. Good thing you don't need to brake much in a Ferrari.

    Ok I may be biased a little.....I turned 40 So I'm mid life crisis and need a Ferrari along with the spokes model. LOL Ferrari however did not give me any Beer.

    Audi had some of the nicest cars, Sleek interiors and style. R8 super car
    and A8 sedan Style Style Style, Quality and reliability is always questionable with Audi.

    Lexus probably the best overall for style Quality and reliability, but the Audi's were just so much more stylish.

    The Infinity's were very sleek/stylish. They did give me free beer.

    BMW's they had a diesel 335? 36 mpg+ 500+ miles per tank and the EV mini cooper small, but built for tall people which is a plus, BMW did also give me a few Beers and they had a killer bar/ lounge area and cute spokes models who were intelligent.

    The smart car, too small no room and I would have thought it got more than 40 mpg. Buy a GX or Prius before this car, It's a waste. Kinda dumb if your ever in an accident with a big truck!!!! can you say crushed... Ouch

    Sport SUV The Audi Q7 TDI diesel at 33 mpg was my favorite, I just turned in my wife's Subaru Tribeca. I really liked this car, but this new Q7 is really nice. Again reliability is my only thing about Audi. The Subaru had 48K trouble free miles and the AWD in the rain and snow was awesome.

    The new Fords are also really stylish, but again reliability with ford is always an issue.

    The Muscle cars. Dodge EV looked like a mini Viper. For a 2 seater the Dodge Viper kicked corvettes @ss and SRT Challenger sedan were very nice.

    I've driven the Ford Shelby Cobra GT convertible, super fast 4 seat fun that's highly addictive. I would buy one, but I would rack up the miles and that's bad for the collector car.

    Ok now for the hybrid hydrogen CNG review.

    The Clarity was there the New Insight CNG Camry hybrid the GX a H2 Hyundai Tuscon the H2 Equinox, Volt ev, Caravan hybrid ev, Dodge EV Mini EV and a few other fuel cell cars. Most of these cars you were not able to sit in. Some were just mock ups, others were actual test cars. Some of the H2 tanks mounted under the test cars looked a bit scary for real world use when looking at the ground clearance. I'll post pics

    The Clarity and CNG Camry hybrid looked the best out of all the alt fuel vehicles, The Camry has a big trunk compared to the GX and I would buy one for sure.

    The Dodge caravan hybrid EV concept had a 40 mi ev range. Perfect for my wife and kids around town, just wish it was CNG powered.

    Any way hope you enjoyed my long rant. Feel free to discuss.

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    Re: LA AUTO SHOW review

    I want to see pics of the hot chics.


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      Re: LA AUTO SHOW review

      My auto show pics are here


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        Re: LA AUTO SHOW review

        Okay, Million dollar question. When is the Toyota CNG going to be available? The paper has been touting it as a "Concept car." Did you ask?
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          Re: LA AUTO SHOW review

          Concept was the answer, no release date, and I even asked if they were going to do a fleet release like our 2000 Camry. They did not know.


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            Re: LA AUTO SHOW review

            Brian, Thanks for the public THANKS. Hope you enjoyed the private/press Day at the LA Auto Show. I am sure that the beer tasted better since it was free and with lots of eye candy

            I went on the 20th and took many pictures of the Camry but due to my crazy scheduel lately I had to leave after only two hours. I did not get a chance to go to the afv test drive section.

            I also drilled them for info on the Camry but very little info was released to me. I even got pictures under the car and I have posted my info on the other thread here


            You can also see pics on my website
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