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Airbags what you should know

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  • Airbags what you should know

    First let me point out I am not a certified airbag tech. I do however go to a defensive driving course every year we are taught how to drive with airbag's and I rebuild total's as a hobby. People think airbags are like a pillow,wrong hear they are deployed by an explosive charge. Do not handle or toy with your airbag system.It can cause serious injury or death. This is my concern,the passenger side airbag in the most dangerous. You should see what they do to windshields and dashboards. Nasty stuff. As a truck driver I see this all the time, the passenger is sitting with the seat reclined. Nice and relaxed feet up on the dash board. No one expects to get into an accident,truth is we are at the mercy of 10-K idiots on the road at given time we have no control over them. An accident happens in an instant,just watch the people around you it's scary just watch the guy go from the #5 lane the the exit ramp in less than 1/10th of a mile at 75mph. OK for the relaxed passenger in 1/18th of a second the airbag explodes from the dash,just imagine what happens to those bones.Yes this can be fatal as the knees are slammed into the forehead,it has happened and people have been crippled do not let the passenger put there legs up on the dash. Good luck and watch out for the other guy cause he ain't looking for you....

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    Re: Airbags what you should know

    The fact is, a vehicle is a deadly weapon for passengers and others. People who fail to realize this often do foolish things -- like putting their feet up on the dash, hanging their head out the window, adjusting their child's car seat (in the rear) while moving.

    When people behave so foolishly, it seems to me engineers can only throw up their hands in despair.
    Robert '07 GX


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      Re: Airbags what you should know

      CNG tanks are just like airbags (bombs waiting to go off). Except a CNG tank is designed not to go off in an accident, where an airbag is. These things are not to be underestimated. Please respect them.
      Mountain Green, Utah
      2003 CNG Cavalier
      2003 CNG Silverado 2500HD


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        Re: Airbags what you should know

        Thanks Rocketmam
        And my wife thanks you, thats her favorite way to ride -- feet on the dash. Now that we have a car with passenger side air bag it is really important to ride sitting properly.



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          Re: Airbags what you should know

          Ford owner's manuals tell you not to ride with your feet/legs on the dash. I'd venture to say most people never even peruse their owner's manual.

          On another topic, earlier this year someone mentioned in my local paper that you shouldn't drive in the rain with your cruise control on. (because of hydroplaning) They were telling the story of a young driver that didn't know this and how the car got squirrely in the rain almost causing an accident. Quite a few readers responded thanking the author of the article for the info.

          I recall reading this cruise control warning in my 1979 Dodge P/U owner's manual almost 30 years ago.