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  • Energy Lotto

    I had an idea this weekend that I wanted to throw out there for abuse/critisism/Kudos...

    What would be the legal issues, legislative process etc to create a "Energy Lotto" or Raffle.

    Here's what I mean.

    Sell entries for $1.00 each. That money would be escrowed until it reached around $30k (or whatever the final delivery price of a Civic GX). At that point, a random drawing would be conducted and a GX would be purchased for the winning entry. Any remaining funds would become the seed in the next drawing.

    This would be a non-profit, transparent accounting venture, soley for the purpose of getting these great cars in peoples hands. The only "cut" out of the ticket sales would go to pay actual expense of running the website and advertising costs. Any staff would be purely volunteer based, so it should be qualifiable as a non-profit.

    Another thought would be to have multiple drawings running. 1 for a CNG vehicle, one for home solar energy installation, etc.

    I'm sure there would be obstacles to this idea, but I'm looking for a way to get these vehicles and other green solutions out to folks who would otherwise not take the initiative to do so.

    Is it a stupid idea, or is there merit.

    I submit myself for the flogging to begin

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    Re: Energy Lotto

    cowboy here I think it is to simple somehow the goverment has to get a cut but I do think it is a dandy plan could the sales tax make unk sam happy? could get a discount on the car being a chairty 501c I think good luck cowboy ps id buy a ticket or two


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      Re: Energy Lotto

      Just go and plant a seed at the local VFW or Legion or or or or and let them worry about the details. So what if they skim a little for their cause. They fought for it.


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        Re: Energy Lotto

        It's a great Idea, but the government and paper work will probably be a nightmare. I think Amfuel is right, if you could get some charity like the Legion involved, it would probably go much smoother.


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          Re: Energy Lotto

          Yea, kind of what I was thinking. The Lodge/Legion idea is a good idea. I'm just looking for anything to promote Alternative Energy, whether vehicular, or other. I've about got several friends sold on the idea of buying NG vehicles.


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            Re: Energy Lotto

            How about this: The winner gets to choose a non-CNG car, and have the manufacturer pursue CNG certification of that model?

            1) The winner receives his choice of CNG car

            2) The manufacturer gets a new model to sell on the (growing) market

            3) We all gain...

            4) ... except for manufacturers who drag their feet!


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              Re: Energy Lotto

              ......until said car gets really popular and sells very well, then Big Oil comes in and buys out controlling rights of the cars and stops production and melts all remaining vehicles. EV1 anyone?

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