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Update of Current Alt Fuels Legislation

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  • Update of Current Alt Fuels Legislation

    Policy File

    Curtesy of CalNGV
    The following bills await the governor’s
    AB 109 | Author: Núñez
    In brief:
    Amends last year’s AB 118,
    which created new programs and
    funding sources to reduce air pollutant
    emissions and promote use
    of alternative fuels and vehicles.
    This bill expands the definitions of
    “life-cycle assessment” and “full
    fuel-cycle assessment” to include
    additional features of biofuel production
    and clarifies restrictions on
    the use of grant funds.

    State practice is to limit
    use of public funds to projects that
    exceed regulatory standards or
    meet them earlier than required.
    AB 109 requires AB 118 funding
    to conform to this practice.

    To the governor.

    AB 2522 | Author: Arambula
    In brief:
    Authorizes the San Joaquin
    Valley Air Pollution Control District
    to increase the vehicle registration
    fee from $6 to up to $30. The
    extra fee would fund incentivebased
    programs to help the region
    achieve state and federal air quality
    standards; the bill requires at least
    $10 million to go toward mitigating
    air pollution in disproportionately
    impacted communities.

    To the governor.

    AB 2403 | Author: Smyth
    In brief:
    Authorizes Caltrans, until
    2014, to spend up to $15 million
    annually to buy and equip heavyduty
    vehicles and equipment using
    a “best value procurement”

    AB 2403 was “doublejoined”
    to AB 2560 by the Assembly
    Appropriations Committee, mean-

    ing it can only take effect if AB
    2560 is also signed into law. The
    criteria for best value procurement
    in AB 2403 are not as detailed or
    rigorous as those in DGS’s existing
    AFV purchase requirements.
    To the governor.

    AB 2560 | Author: Lieu
    In brief:
    Requires the Department
    of General Services to update its
    purchasing methodology for medium-
    and heavy-duty vehicles to include
    consideration of greenhouse
    gas emissions and life-cycle costs.

    Sponsored by the Coalition.
    The bill follows the enactment
    last year of AB 236 (Lieu), which
    established a similar methodology
    for light-duty vehicles.

    To the governor.

    SB 974 | Author: Lowenthal
    In brief:
    Imposes a $30 fee on shipping
    containers moving through the
    ports of Long Beach, Los Angeles,
    and Oakland, with revenues spent
    equally on improving infrastructure
    and reducing air pollution.

    Lowenthal held the bill
    on the Assembly Floor last year at
    the governor’s request, with the
    governor’s commitment to work
    with him to have the bill passed.

    To the governor.

    SB 1646 | Author: Padilla
    In brief:
    Removes the 2010 sunset
    on the SCAQMD’s authority to impose
    a $1 fee on vehicle registration
    renewal, with revenues used
    to fund the district’s Clean Fuels

    To the governor.

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    California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition.