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  • Can you do this?

    OK, it may be a stupid question. It may be something someone else has tried and there's a BIG reason why you can't do it. But I don't know it so I thought I'd ask.

    The down side about a Phill is that it takes forever. What if I got say a 10 GGE tank and filled it with the Phill. Then when I wanted to do a quick partial fueling of a hungry 6 GGE car I'd use the 10 GGE tank to do it. I know I may get only 2,000 PSI, but I'd get it pretty instantly.

    I figured you'd need a valve set up so that you couldn't PHIL it and fuel from it at the same time.

    What do the experts think? Is it technically feasible? Is it safe?

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    Re: Can you do this?

    You could do it but depending on the volume of gas in your car's tank the two tanks would quickly "equalize" once connected and you might end up placing a gallon or two in the car's tank, max. I'm not sure of the value in investing in a second tank, pressure hose and valve to transfer just a gallon or two.

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      Re: Can you do this?

      I've done it. It's not difficult. But, tanks are pretty expensive nowadays. And CNG valves and hose (5000psi rated) are a little hard to buy at retail and expensive. Unless your storage tank is a LOT larger than the tank you're filling you won't get very much.

      On the upside, if you valve it right, you can fill one, the other or both without removing the Phill connection. Keep the hose as short as possible as every ounce of gas lost there is another 5 minutes (or so) on Phill.
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        Re: Can you do this?

        I currently do this from home. In fact I have my FM plugged into the cascade set and the vehicle plugged into the cascade, so over night the cascade and two vehicles fill up.

        Recommend getting two 5 gge tanks and filling using a low and high side you'll end up with a little more pressure.

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          Re: Can you do this?

          There should be no reason to have to purchase an expensive NGV fuel tank for this, as it will not be mounted in a vehicle. You might want to look into Oxarc, they sell some cylinders (used normally for welding gasses) that are rated for a service pressure of 4500#. Based on the market they are pointed at, I'm guessing they are considerably cheaper than an 'NGV' cylinder. 9 5/16" diameter, 51" tall at shoulder.. should hold a good quantity of gas, and give you quite a 'boost' at filling time.

          EDIT: Just did some more looking, and it appears 4500# is a common pressure for breathing gasses for firefighters and SCUBA divers, and as such, the large cylinders that they use in their cascade filling systems are probably relatively cheap ($400-$500 would be my guess). Another few hundred in fittings and hoses and you'll be looking at a nice sized cascade system.
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