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Are we getting SCREWED (discussion of nat gas prices in Utah and elsewhere)

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  • Are we getting SCREWED (discussion of nat gas prices in Utah and elsewhere)

    In Utah I just read our natural gas prices are going up and you guys thought you'd be right imagine that, hey why don't we just demand the rest of the country subsidise our gas you know like a government entitlement program.After all we are Americans,oh yes I forgot the nighttime deal at that the house the (lower gas prices) Pelosi drill no drill bill which says yes you can but no you can't. No drilling in the first fifty miles of coast line(this is the best spot) 50 to 100 miles up to the governor of each state 100 to 200 is up to Uncle Sam and 200 miles out we have to pander to the UN sounds like a deal to me.Let's fire every self serving special intrest useless idiot in Washington.I'm ready for term limits now........................

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    Re: Are we getting SCREWED

    Originally posted by rocketmanpete View Post
    In Utah I just read our natural gas prices are going up

    Utah CNG prices are going up on January 1, 2009 because of a change in how the state collects road taxes from NGV drivers. Currently, Utah does not charge road tax on CNG used for automobiles. Utah has been charging $82 annually for the "C" plate instead of placing a road tax on the fuel. Utah decided to charge a road tax on the CNG to more fairly distribute the cost to those who use the fuel. Come January 1, 2009, you can get the "C" plate without paying the $82. If you are driving a small car, you will save money on the plate because the tax on a year's worth of fuel will likely amount to less than $50 . If you are driving a pickup truck, you'll be even. If you drive a big rig or a shuttle or drive a lot of miles, you'll pay more. If you didn't want or need the plate anyway, you will at least be paying your fair share of the cost of maintaining the roads. If you fuel at home, you can justify the high cost of the Phill or an FM unit because you will avoid the road fuel tax altogether. (This is a concession I make for you, John, in your argument on how cheap it is to fuel at home.)

    One of the main reasons natural gas is cheap in Utah is because the rate payers paid for the exploration and acquisition of the gas wells way back when Questar was still called Mountain Fuel. So, your cheap natural gas prices today are in a large measure because you or your parents helped pay for it many years ago. If you are new to the state, thank those who were here before you. We can all thank the Public Service Commission for making Mountain Fuel give proper credit to the ratepayer for the ratepayer contributions to the exploration and acquisition of natural gas wells.
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      Re: Are we getting SCREWED

      Rocketman et al,

      I'm from Ohio paying $2.00-2.60/GGE. You could double the price in Utah and it would still be a deal!

      I would hope that Questar can figure out a way to take some of the money and put it back into upgrading the infrastructure. Problem is that it's hard to channel it. I suspect it goes into a general fund and not much goes directly to maintenance on the fill stations.

      But, it's still a deal!...and always will be.

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        Re: Are we getting SCREWED

        here is where I was coming up with the higher gas prices and yes I have been living in Utah since 80 and agree the PSC has done a great job.As far as road use tax as a trucker driver I have no problem paying it,I just cannot figure why it was not added in the past.Now when the feds get there grubby little hands on it for tax then I'll get upset. At the rate the D.C. idiots are going I won't be able to get my SS until I'm 100! Oh that's right it's already gone. Yes I am a bitter American who is holding on to his guns and religion,make me president and I'll sign executive order #2500-20 anyone in Congress for 4 terms or more is fired,anyone in the Senate for more than 2 terms is fired. All pay raises will be voted on by the people, all leaders will have the same health care as our military personal and all retirement perks are canceled including the Presidents..............

        SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- Two and a half weeks after Questar Gas was ordered by the Utah Public Service Commission to refund customers $29 million the utility spent in the last five years to process natural gas, the utility is asking for a rate hike.

        Questar has requested a 10.4 percent increase in Utah natural gas rates "to reflect higher gas-supply costs," the utility said in a news release Friday.

        The utility said the request would be "partially offset" by the refund order, and estimated the combined changes would increase residential customers' monthly bills by about 6.5 percent, or $4.64 as of Oct. 1.

        Alan Allred, Questar's president, on Aug. 30 said he disagreed with the PSC's refund decision.

        The PSC approved a rate hike that took effect in 2000 to cover some of the costs of a gas reprocessing plant near Price. That plant, owned by a Questar affiliate, lowers the content of carbon dioxide from coal-bed gas introduced in the mid-1990s that blocked higher-quality gas produced in Wyoming from reaching the Utah market.

        Without processing, the coal-seam gas would not burn efficiently in older Utah appliances that were set to burn gas with a higher BTU content. The coal-seam gas could create a carbon monoxide buildup in homes and businesses that are not properly vented.

        Questar Gas Co. requested and received a rate increase to cover most of the costs and expenses of the processing plant since 2000.