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US House and CNG

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  • US House and CNG

    I just got this message from an legislative aid of my congressman today stating that the House is going to consider a comprehensive energy bill that includes CNG considerations. I was not given any specifics, but it appears it will get general support from the House members for passage.

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    Re: US House and CNG

    Thanks Gabby;

    Do you have a bill number? I will bother my congressman about it.



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      Re: US House and CNG

      Everyone that contacts there representatives to support tax credit incentives for CNG should also include a comment about fixing the alternative minimum tax. If the AMT is not modified, those credits will not mean much to many of us as the AMT reduces those credits or eliminates them. The AMT is not adjusted for inflation and if not acted on by congress it will impact 76 million Americans in 2008. It will not only eliminate or reduce credits, but increase your income tax greater than it normally would.
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        Re: US House and CNG

        It's S. 3281, The Drive America on Natural Gas Act, introduced by Sen. Jim Inhofe, R-OK.

        As I read it, it's focussed on larger commercial vehicles, not on passenger cars.