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Drill for your own natural gas??????

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  • Drill for your own natural gas??????

    So I live on the edge of that region of NY where there is a Natural Gas drilling spree happening right now- kind of like a gold rush, but for gas. Anyone know about someone putting a well in their own yard and then heating their home or powering their car off of it? What are the considerations?

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    Re: Drill for your own natural gas??????

    Yep, if you get your own natural gas well going, you definitely can heat your own house and add a VRA (vehicle refueling applicance - - like Fuelmaker fmq2-36) and fuel up your own cng car. See website for guy in Pennslyvania who has done just what you are talking about. He has documented the well being drilled and steps needed after that to "clean" the natural gas for use in home heating and cng compression. Also, he has specific instructions on home-made dryer for the natural gas . . . supplies like pvc pipe, etc. - - very affordable. Check it out at:

    I would recommend adding some cng storage like a small cascade of say 6 bottles of 6 gge each. That way you would have your own mini fast-fill to quickly fuel up your cng car with about 60% to 70% full tank (ie pressure equalize between cascade storage and tank in car).

    Good luck . . . and go for it!! We need all the cng supporters we can!!