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SB 1174: Cars must be noisy

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  • SB 1174: Cars must be noisy

    It looks like this bill is headed to Gov Schwarzenegger's desk:

    State Sen. Alan Lowenthal, a Long Beach Democrat, is pushing a bill aimed at ensuring that the vehicles make enough noise to be heard by the blind and visually impaired when they're about to cross a street.

    How about the very real problem of noise pollution Senator Lowenthal ?

    Aptera Forum link where I learned about this nonsense:
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    Re: SB 1174: Cars must be noisy

    This insanity has been going on for the better part of a year now. Lowenthal is obviosly crying out for help (mentally) or recall.
    I thought this was going to go away once it saw the light of day. Never underestimate the power of waste and stupidity in government.
    I was going to borrow a friend's Prius, put on a set of spoke wheel covers, appropriately placed clothes pins and playing cards and put the video on YouTube. Maybe it's time to stop talking about it and do it to show people how absurd this idea is.
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      Re: SB 1174: Cars must be noisy

      I saw this. For electric cars, they want to add speakers near each wheel so that it emits a noise.

      Can I have my noise be like the Jetson's flying car? That would be AWESOME!


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        Re: SB 1174: Cars must be noisy

        I wonder if this numbnuts ever asked a bunch of blind people if this is what they want. I mean, aren't the blind supposed to have a heightened sense of hearing. I was always under the impression that it's hard to sneak up on a blind person.
        Triskal has a good point, what would that sound be? Could the car owner pick it like a ring tone. Or would it be something unnerving that makes every dog in the area howl or run in front of the car as a fear response.
        Maybe something above 20kHz that will really drive the dogs batty.

        How about we just LoJack all the electric cars and hybrids and give the blind a hearing aide size receiver or build it into thier cane/walking stick for when they are walking.
        That way we don't have to hear it and contribute to noise pollution.
        What am I saying, that would stop the government from wasting billions on 0.5% of the population without them asking for it and giving the ADA a sledgehammer.
        Nevermind, forget I said anything. I certainly don't want to start seeming insensitive or politically incorrect, LOL, too late!
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          Re: SB 1174: Cars must be noisy

          I believe that every EV I've ever driven has a device factory installed that works to notify the visually impaired of the vehicles presence, and it doesn't care whether the imapairment is is due to blindness or rectal-cranial insertion... it's called a horn.


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            Re: SB 1174: Cars must be noisy

            Here's the fix. All EV should come equipped like this: