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NGV Promotion Legislation Announced in USA

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  • NGV Promotion Legislation Announced in USA

    NGV Promotion Legislation Announced in USA Marketplace (Advertisers & Sponsors) Thursday, 24 July 2008 01:20 USA, Washington
    Natural gas vehicle (NGV) legislation is being served up in double doses in Washington with proposals being put forward in both the House and the Senate last week. On Monday, at a press conference in Chicago, Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-IL) announced that he plans to introduce legislation in the House that will require that, by 2018, at least 10 percent of the new vehicles sold in America must be natural gas capable. And in the Senate on Thursday, Sen. James Inhofe (R-OK) introduced the “Drive America on Natural Gas Act” (S. 3281) to promote the use of CNG and LNG in vehicles.
    House Legislation
    Emanuel’s house legislation would also:
    • Require that gas stations owned by the major oil companies install at least one natural gas fueling pump in each station by 2018;
    • Offer a $90,000 tax credit to encourage gas station owners to install natural gas fuel pumps;
    • Provide $2.6 billion in bonding authority to states to provide no or low-interest loans to service stations to install natural gas pumps; and
    • Include tax credits for buyers of home refueling systems.
    It is expected that the legislation will be formally introduced shortly. In making the announcement, Rep. Emanuel said that his “proposal is a hat trick for America: it's good for our environment, good for our national security and good for drivers who are suffering at the pump. Natural gas is cheap, green and American-made, and it's time we encouraged the use of natural gas vehicles here in America …American drivers should be able to buy a car that runs on a cleaner fuel that is currently half the cost of gas. Developing cars that run on natural gas and making it available at the gas station or at home will save money for consumers and help end our dependence on foreign oil."
    NGVAmerica says Rep. Emanuel’s sponsorship of this legislation is especially important because of the role he plays in the House Democratic leadership. He is chairman of the House Democratic Caucus and serves on the powerful Ways & Means Committee. NGVAmerica is working with the Congressman’s office to further refine his proposal and commended Rep Emanuel for his leadership on this issue.
    “Drive America on Natural Gas Act” (Senate)
    Sen. Inhofe said: “the Drive America on Natural Gas Act adds flexibility to the current Renewable Fuels Standard mandates by adding natural gas to it, and it encourages the use of a proven alternative fuel and sends a market signal to manufacturers to consider compressed natural gas as a cost competitive alternative. “ Specifically, the bill would do the following:
    • It expands the definition in the Renewable Fuels Standard to allow the use of CNG and LNG fuels to meet the mandates. Currently only biofuels such as ethanol, biodiesel and biomethane are eligible under the program;
    • It broadens the Alternative Vehicle Tax Credit to include bi-fuel vehicles. Currently only “dedicated” vehicles or vehicles which solely run on natural gas qualify for this credit;
    • It establishes a Natural Gas Vehicle Research, Development, and Demonstration program at DOE; and
    • It establishes a state demonstration program to streamline the regulations and certifications currently required for the conversion of vehicles to natural gas.

    NGVAmerica has been working with Sen. Inhofe and his staff in developing this proposed legislation, and commended Senator Inhofe for this initiative and his strong support for NGVs.

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    Re: NGV Promotion Legislation Announced in USA

    Good compilation piece, thanks Curt
    Gang, lease also refer to the threads going on in our Main Forum.

    The House bill is being discussed here:

    The Senate bill here: