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California City, CA Fueling Station Not Public

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  • California City, CA Fueling Station Not Public

    I applied for and got a Commercial Fueling Network (CFN) card to use at the Cal City, CA fueling station. The station is shown on as a public CNG station. I drove up there today and it turns out it isn't a public fueling station; it's only for us by the City itself. The card was rejected and the station isn't listed in the CFN public station location catalog. The public CFN stations are well advertised with the red, white and blue CFN logo and only work if you've got the CFN card. Once you've got the card you can purchase any fuel available at a public CFN station. (Diesel, E85, unleaded, CNG, coal, wood, etc...)

    I'll look for public CNG/CFN stations in the catalog and if I find any not shown on, I'll submit them to the web site.

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