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  • Do I convert now?

    I have been doing some research on converting my '07 F-150 to natural gas. I believe , as of now, that I am not eligable for a tax credit. I understand why. I don't think it is fair, but life's not fair. Right? What I really want to find out is should I wait, or go ahead and get it done. I know there are some legal actions taking place at the state level that might change things. Does anybody know about this.

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    BAF might work

    I think the 07 cert from BAF may still be valid. If you used this approved system you would get the $4k federal and $2.5k state credits.

    Try contacting BAF Technologies

    And I think they have an agreement with GoNaturalCNG (formerly SNO-Motion) to install the system in Utah so you would not need to ship it to Dallas.