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Scuba Tanks? Good idea?

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  • Scuba Tanks? Good idea?

    Hello all, As those of us divers know, all of our tanks happen to be rated to 3000 psi. Million dollar question is, can these be used for CNG? Pressure is pressure, yes? I've seen Scuba tanks for sale cheap. Let's hear from some techs, please.
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    Re: Scuba Tanks? Good idea?

    I don't know. Were they subjected to thousands of fueling and de-fueling cycles in extreme heat and sub zero cold? Were they drop tested then over pressurized to 3750psi? How about burst tested to 7500psi? Were they manufactured and bonfire tested with a Pressure Relief Device that activates at 215-250 degrees F and empties the tank in one minute? Were they pressurized and pierced with an armor piercing round to see if they will empty without fragmenting into a thousand peices. Do they come with brackets engineered and tested to 8G? Are they labeled ANGI/CSA ANSI NGV2?
    I'm not sure, you might try asking someone else.
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      Scuba Tanks? NOT Good idea?

      Do you think death is a good idea?
      It's all about safety,
      Dont even try it...this thread will be closed soon
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        Re: Scuba Tanks? Good idea?

        We just had this discussion the other day.

        Johnny is right. This thread is closing down too